Adsin Technologies offers a cost-effective Ocat Digital Marketing Service using an Advanced Content Marketing System called Ocat.  Ocat service includes Online advertising with Content Marketing Services.

Business-related information will be published frequently as Online Advertisements (Banner Ads with Landing Pages)  in an advertising & Content Marketing Site. Online Advertisements  will be distributed through Search engines, Social media, Referral networks, virtual cards & Marketing Portals.

Steps involved in Ocat Advertising & Content Marketing Services

1. Business related information will be collected which will be published as Online advertisements (Banner Ads with Landing Pages) in an advetising & Content Marketing Site of a Business

2.Online advertisements will be added in an Online Catalog

3. Online Advertisements will be distributed through various marketing platforms such as Search engines, Social Media, Referral Networks, vCards & Ocat Content Marketing Platform.

4.Online Advertisements will be optimized for Search engines

5. Online advertisements will published with suitable keywords frequently

6. Suitable content like Multiple Real images / videos / text will be added in all advertisements

7. Online Marketing activities will be continued for a minimum One year duration

Samples of Online Advertisements

Online Advertisements & Online Catalog will be promoted through Search Engines, Social Media, Ocat Marketing Platform, Virtual Busines Cards & Referral Network.



 Advt : https://aquanauticspoolproducts.ocat.site/pages/Swimming-pool-Designing-const-cntid-101987.aspx

Advt : https://excelbakeryequipment.com/pages/Manufacturer-and-Supplier-of--cntid-103394.aspx




Advt : https://thodupuzhacraneservice.in/pages/Crane-service-in-Thodupuzha-K-cntid-102507.aspx



Advt : https://wellnesshealthlifestyle.com/pages/CardioWorld-Fitness-Equipment-cntid-101520.aspx





Advt : https://catalog.shelfkey.com/pages/Buy-Electronic-Components-Onl-cntid-103435.aspx



 Advt : https://smidatechnologies.com/pages/Advanced-security-and-Surveil-cntid-102606.aspx



dvt : https://magnonbangalore.ocat.in/pages/Modular-kitchen-designing-fro-cntid-102538.aspx






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