Ecommerce Solutions


We can provide you all type of ecommerce solutions at affordable rates. Be it B2b , B2c , we are there to help you in every field. We can make shopping cart, online e-stores, integrate payment gateways etc. Helping you so that you can run your shop online and start accepting payments through credit cards.


We are experts in fields of Setting up Shopping carts, Payment Gateways and all type of other Ecommerce Solutions . Our shopping carts are very versatile and robust, allowing site owner to update, add & delete products info like pictures, description, pricing etc and allows them to make unlimited product categories/ Subcategories from the browser based secured control panel itself.

Shop owner can easily track orders, send emails to all registered users etc.


Payments can be easily accepted through major Payment Gateways like Paypal, 2checkout plus through other mediums like Cheque, DD, Money Orders etc.


Flexible tax implementation on a state and country basis is also there in shopping carts. Owner can also set free shipping based on amount and destination. Flash animations can also be added on ecommerce sites to make them attractive like a real showroom. Customers can subscribe to the newsletters which helps site owner to send special offers through email to them. Products at discounted prices can be given a special listing in shopping cart to increase the sales of the company. Website Owner has the full conrol over his website. He can add delete anything from the secured browser based control panel itself. Best part is that you don't need to learrn any programming knowledge to perform the above activities.

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