Dedicated & Cloud Servers

Dedicated / Cloud Servers - Scalable, customisable and downright powerful

We help architect, build and manage elaborate solutions that simplify your processes, workflows, and cut down costs drastically. Adsin Managed Cloud Services helps you focus on business strategy and shifts the focus from daily administrative tasks.

Whether you are a global enterprise, a public sector body or a startup business, Adsin Technologies offers best approach to cloud hosting, providing enterprise and private cloud servers to suit your requirements.

Your projects deserve nothing but the best and our Cloud Servers have it all taken care of. You get ultimate performance from powerful Intel processors, 100% SSD storage and up to 128GB RAM. As your project grows, you can increase your resources to handle more data and traffic spikes plus get down-to-the-minute billing for extra control.

We offer 3Copy Managed Cloud instance for your Business Applications.